August 2016 Calendar

August 2016 Calendar

Your August 2016 Calendar is coming to you a smidge early this month and gives you a little sneak peek at one of...


Love Theatre?

If you love theatre and art then you need to check out London’s Fringe Festival! Twelve days of live performances starting next week...

June 2016 Calendar - Impressionist Spring Wallpaper

June 2016 Calendar

Your June 2016 calendar features a sneak peek from my upcoming release of new abstract photographs. I’m really happy to be out there...


My One Thing

Last week was emergency preparedness week here in Canada and with the recent Fort McMurray wildfires we’ve been left wondering what would we do. What’s the one...

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Happy 8th Anniversary

  My Darling Darren, Eight years ago today we stood side by side and welcomed our families into the small room in which we...

April 2016 Calendar - Abstract Art Wallpaper

April 2016 Calendar

Hey. So this is that awkward time of year for my blog. It’s almost April. Everyone is so over winter. But the thing...


Featured – Rookie Blue

For the past few years I’ve had the honour of my landscape photographs being used in the set dressing of Toronto television shows. Eeeek!...

March 2016 Calendar - Fine Art Travel Wallpaper

March 2016 Calendar

Here’s another sneak peek from this coming Tuesday, March 1st’s Quebec Collection release. This time in the form of your downloadable March 2016...