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inspiring images: steven friedman

stevenfriedman2 inspiring images: steven friedman

Oregon Water Study 5 by Steven Friedman

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blog it forward: my inspiration

lakeerie1 ipperwash1 blog it forward: my inspiration

Victoria from sfgirlbybay came up with a wonderful idea to link bloggers together through their inspirations. Each of us were assigned a day to write about what motivates us and link to another blogger who will post their inspirations next. Today is my day, so here goes:

my inspiration

Oh gosh, there are so many things that energize me. I guess over the past year or so I’ve become really inspired by the natural world and the cycles it goes through.

  • Winter used to be a tough season for me but now I find it really reflective to capture dormant trees in snowy fields. It reminds me to take time for myself and relax in preparation for the coming summer.
  • I love the shoreline, I find it really soothing and calming staring out to sea, it definitely adds peace to my life.
  • I get really excited by people who think outside of the box and take overwhelming tasks and create something that’s more accessible. {think: You Grow Girl, ReadyMade, No Impact Man, Jamie Oliver}

other inspired people

Want to read about what inspires other bloggers? Be sure to check out these sites tomorrow; JetKat Design, Beauty Designed, Once Upon A Chai Tea Latte, Coeur de La, Redbird Style, Every Little Wonder, Sparker, The Penny has Dropped, Max and Ellie, and Whitney English.

You can see the full list of people that are writing about their inspirations on the official Blog It Forward page.


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inspiration: ommwriter

ommwriter inspiration: ommwriter

I love the intro video for ommwriter. It whisks me a way to a magical land full of quiet creativity where I can just think and be with my ideas, without distraction. The subtleness of the music is perfect too, any idea who created it? I’ll have to look into that, I need more of it in my life.

I need a whole room like ommwriter, not just a writing interface. In fact, it might be the inspiration for my new office decor.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

{image: screen capture from ommwriter}

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inspiring images: håkan strand

hakanstrand inspiring images: håkan strand

I ache for warm weather.

{image by Håkan Strand}

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inspiring images: david fokos

davidfokos twopoles2 inspiring images: david fokos

Two Poles by David Fokos

I am honoured to share with you today the work of David Fokos. His image shown above is called Two Poles and was taken in Chilmark, Massachusetts in 2001. David uses long exposures to illustrate what he says “is felt but unoften seen”; referring to the overall calming effect that the ocean truly has, not the tension we feel in the split second we see it full of choppy waves.

I’ve been a fan of David’s work since I began exploring long exposures myself last summer and I was both elated and honoured when he agreed to let me share a glimpse of his work with you. Thanks David!

{image: Two Poles, by David Fokos}

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inspiring images: rolfe horn

rolfehorn inspiring images: rolfe horn

“Art is an expression of life that transcends both time and space. We must explore our own souls through art to give a new form and a new meaning to the nature of the world. There is a certain point in time, where the harmony of light, atmosphere, and spirit collide, a place in the cosmos where the rhythm of nature unfolds in front of the camera. This can only happen once.”

~ Rolfe Horn

{image: Nevoso Alberi, Study 1 by Rolfe Horn}

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inspiring images: rebekka gudleifs

rebekkaG inspiring images: rebekka gudleifs

This image just wouldn’t be the same without that boat. Rebekka’s gorgeous scenics are my favourites, followed closely by her self-portraits. You can view more of her work on her website, blog, and flickr.

{image: rebekka guðleifsdóttir}


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inspiring images: joel tjintjelaar

joeltjintjelaar inspiring images: joel tjintjelaar

I came across the rich and surreal black and white world of Joel Tjintjelaar on Flickr a few months back. I am constantly swept away by his imagery and inspired by his minimalism. Thanks Joel! Read More »


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inspiring images: marco bohr

marco bohr wice 23 inspiring images: marco bohr

I met Marco Bohr six or seven years ago when I worked for Matthew Plexman Photography. He came in to show us his imagery and I’ve never forgotten it. At the time he had just completed his Uniforms series; however on white winter days I often find myself thinking of his Icefishers series.

If you visit his site also be sure to take a peek at Observatories, a great take on popular landmarks.

{image: marco bohr}

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inspiring images: irene suchocki

suchocki jan10 inspiring images: irene suchocki

We’re finally in a position to start hanging artwork in our home and I’ve come across a lot of great pieces on Etsy. I’ve always been a fan of the work of Irene Suchocki and her photograph Swish 2 sweeps me away. Aren’t those colours just gorgeous? And the sense of movement really makes me hear the sound of the waves. I might need to order one of these.

Are you an artist that would be interested in trading pieces with me? If so send me an email with a link to your work and I’ll get back to you if your style suits the look of our home.

{image: irene suchocki}


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