Foggy Landscapes – Gibbons Park

Landscape Photography - A Place To Dream

Landscape Photography A Place To Dream Foggy Landscapes   Gibbons Park

A Place to Dream, Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography Whisper To Me Foggy Landscapes   Gibbons Park

Whisper To Me, Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography An Unexpected Journey Foggy Landscapes   Gibbons Park

An Unexpected Journey, Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography Morning Run Foggy Landscapes   Gibbons Park

Morning Run, Landscape Photography

Fog, oh beautiful, elusive fog. You always take me by surprise. How I love playing in your wake. You make the light soft and beautiful, put smiles on people’s faces, and fill the morning with magic.

More to come.

by Jennifer

6 thoughts on “Foggy Landscapes – Gibbons Park

  1. Melissa says:

    Hi Jennifer + Darren!

    I live right below the lakes district of New Hampshire, USA. I see fog A LOT. Have you seen fog coming off of snow? 8*)

    These photos make me feel calm and see the beauty of the fog you are sharing!!! So awesome!

    Those are my thoughts on your fog photos… 8*)

    • Jennifer says:

      I absolutely LOVE snow fog. We don’t get it here all that often, but when it appears it’s definitely a great excuse to get out to play with my camera!

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