14 Fabulous Fog Photographs

By Sandro Diener

Halloween has inspired me to search the web for fogalicious landscape photographs. Fog is one of those things that sneak up on me when I’m not really expecting it so I like to keep a collection of inspiring fog photographs for those mornings that I wake up to a blanket of it over our neighbourhood.

Even Flow by Daniel M Romero
Heaven is Overated by Mohan Duwal
The Dark Alley by Kimera Jam
Paisaje con niebla by Alvar Astúlez
The Fog #2 by Hybridmother23
Nova Scotia Fog #2 by Sarah Hodges-Kolisnyk
By Sandro Diener
Fog by Photomeca ..
First light on foggy road by Scott Rinckenberger
Fairy Forest by Jan Geerk
May It Be by Jan Machata
Casual 4am Walks by Josh Sam
Light & Shadow by Martin Rak

I’ve made a few fog photographs in the past, but I’d definitely like to make more. Looking at the collection I’ve gathered it’s clear that I’m intrigued by fog photographs that:

  • have trees
  • use fog to create a minimalist scene
  • typically (but not always) has something in the foreground that has regular, un-foggy contrast
  • lead me into the depths of the image, either with a road, a row of trees, or layers of landscape
  • tend to be dark and moody, though not exclusively

Do you like fog photographs? What fascinates you about them? Which elements draw you in? Do you like the beautiful hazy layers that fog creates? Or do you prefer the eerie moodiness that can come with it?

2 thoughts on “14 Fabulous Fog Photographs

  1. ally says:

    I live in Portland, OR and everyday I drive over the river and see the fog on the West Hills, AND THEN, I get to drive up the hills and INTO the fog. I can understand your obsession, I have a similar one.
    I just really love the way the trees look in the fog, layered and mystical.

  2. sylvia says:

    I have an obsession with fog and we get so little of it here. I think that’s why I made so many fog photographs while circumnavigating Lake Superior last year. I couldn’t resist!

    Thanks for sharing these gorgeous images, Jen!

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