2011 calendars are now available!

2011 desktop calendar

2011 desktop calendar

2011 desktop calendar, 4.75 x 5.5 inches

We’ve just wrapped up production on our 2011 calendars and they are now available in our photography shop! Yippee!

A collection of 12 minimalist landscape photographs captured over the past year. Available with or without the special calendar jewel case. Can be displayed on a desk, in a frame, or pinned to an inspiration board – I’d love to see where you are put it!

2011 calendar

2011 calendar cover

2011 calendar, january - april

2011 calendar, may - august

2011 calendar, september - december

The perfect gift for peace seekers and sea lovers! It’s also available in other languages, so contact us and we’ll make one for you.

We’re thinking about offering them in other sizes that could then be hung on an inspiration board or framed, what size would you like to see?

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