2012 Landscape Calendar

2012 Landscape Calendar

2012 Landscape Calendar

2012 Landscape Calendar

Our 2012 Landscape Calendar is finally here! And we’ve shaken things up a bit compared to what we’ve done in the past. This year’s calendar is printed on pretty 5×7 inch iridescent pearl cardstock and is comprised of 7 loose double-sided pages in order to use less paper. No jewel case this year!

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2012 Landscape Calendar - January to June

2012 Landscape Calendar - July to December

2012 Landscape Desk Calendar

2012 Landscape Calendar on an Easel (easel not included)

Each month features a 5×5 inch landscape or seascape photograph as well as a calendar. Plus, after consultation with one of my biggest fans (my Mom), we’ve added a space for notes! Now you can circle a date on your calendar and add a special little reminder in the space provided, my Mom is so clever!

Because our calendar is a collection of unbound pages it leaves lots of different ways for you to display it:

  • pinned to an inspiration board
  • on the fridge with a magnet
  • perched on a mini desktop easel or plate stand
  • hung on the wall with a clip
  • placed in a standard 5×7 inch frame

As always our calendar comes with a cover page making it a great gift!

{Our 2012 Landscape Calendar is now available in our peaceful photography shop}

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