2014 Pelee Island Calendar

2014 Calendar - Pelee Island
2014 Calendar - Pelee Island
2014 Calendar, Pelee Island

On Monday I told you about our Toronto Calendar but we’ve also whipped up a 2014 calendar commemorating our summer trip to Pelee Island. Filled with relaxing days on the beach, admiring the seascape, walking nature trails, and sunset at the winery, all are part of this set.

2014 Calendar - Pelee Island

Our Pelee Island calendar measures 5×7 inches and each month features a 5×5 photograph that you can trim and frame. It’s professionally printed on the same matte photo paper as the rest of our photographs so they’re high quality and they come with both a front and back cover so they’re perfect for gift giving.

There’s lots of different ways you can display them too, here’s some of our favourites:

  • perched on a mini desktop easel or plate stand
  • pinned to an inspiration board
  • with a magnet on the fridge
  • hung on the wall with a clip
  • or my favourite, placed in a standard size 5×7 inch frame with the glass removed so you can still write on it
  • frame, easels, and clips not included

Our Pelee Island calendars are printed when you order them, instead of being made up in a huge print run like we’ve done in the past, so that means it’s easy-peazy lemon squeezy for us to swap them from English to whichever language works best for you, so just let us know.

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