2015 Gifts on Time Holiday Ordering Schedule


My brain is broken from all this number crunching. We’ve finally heard back from all our labs and shipping partners and just put the finishing touches on our 2015 Gifts on Time Holiday Ordering Schedule. It’s much simplified from last year’s crazy long version, and a little bit prettier too.

Holiday Cards

Don’t forget to leave yourself extra time when it comes to ordering your holiday cards so you can get them all filled out and on the way to those you love. So pop by the Canada Post, USPS, or your local postal service website so you can figure out when you need to have your cards signed, sealed, and delivered.

Limited Editions

The limited edition dates listed are only for 8×10 and 11×14 inch photographs. If you’re looking at something larger, or possibly a canvas, then send me a quick email and I’ll get right back to you with the details.

International Dates

I really wish I could be more specific about our international deadlines, but please just use the dates listed as guides. They’re an average of all the different and beautiful places we ship to, but because of that they’re not exact. So if you’d like to have your order delivered outside of Canada and the USA then send me all the details and I’ll get your deadlines sorted out for you.

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