2017 Desk Calendar

2017 Abstract Art Calendar

2017 Abstract Art Calendar

It’s time to get organized. It’s almost time to start planning for the coming year, and it’s definitely time to hunker down and round out 2016 with a bang.

Summer playtime is over but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream about how amazing next year is going to be – that room that will be getting a facelift, the trip to Finland you’re excited about, and all the relaxing you’ll be doing at the cottage. It’s going to be even better than this year! Are you with me?

Maybe our 2017 calendar will help you get started plotting out the best year yet. Each month has a soothing abstract photograph to help you dream big and figure out what truly matters most to you.

2017 Desk Calendar Months

The unbound format makes it easy for you to focus on planning because you can look at as many months as you need to without flipping back and forth between pages, plus it offers a lot of flexibility for display. I love mine in a 5×7 picture frame that I keep on my desk, leave the glass in and you can write on it with a dry-erase marker. But I know lots of people that like to pin a few pages to their inspiration boards, perch it on a mini desktop easel, or stick it up on the fridge where it’s always easy to see.

2017 Abstract Art Calendar Framed

2017 Abstract Frameable Calendar

2017 Abstract Calendar Easel

2017 Abstract Calendar Stand

2017 Abstract Photography Calendar

Then at the end of the month trim off each photograph and you’ll have a little piece of 5×5 abstract art to display anywhere you need a pop of inspiration. They’ll fit perfectly among your other art because they’re printed on photographic paper, so they’re high quality – no one will ever know that they were once part of a calendar.

2017 Desk Calendar

Our 2017 desk calendar features 12 soothing abstract photographs to help you bring on the coming year with ease and grace.

  • 14 unbound pages including a front and back cover making it a great gift
  • 5×7 inches, with 5×5 inch photographs, just trim and frame
  • space for notes

And because we print your calendar when you order it, it’s easy for us to change the language to whatever you need, just send us an email.