2018 calendar

2018 Abstract Art Calendar

2018 Calendar

My 2018 Calendar is the re-centre point busy women need when you’re staring at a blank screen with a blank stare.

You know you’re working on waaay too many things at once, and now you’re overwhelmed and need a two minute brain break to reset.

May I present, my calendar, helping you to:

  • Remember special dates by circling and adding a note {fyi my birthday is September 30th and I like red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing}.
  • Take five and breathe deep when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Have a momentary meditation inspired by soothing art and re-align your priorities.
  • Decorate your desk with a pretty piece of art.

I want to add some soothing art to my workspace, send me a calendar >>

2018 Calendar

Your 2018 Calendar has:

  • 5×7 pages for easy display on your inspiration board or framed on your desk
  • 12 soothing pieces of abstract art professionally printed on photographic paper that can be trimmed and popped into a standard 5×5 inch frame
  • Space for notes so you can track special dates

Send me a calendar! I need to decorate my office >>

I designed this calendar to decorate your office and give you a place to keep track of the date, so you’re not late making spa reservations for your Mom’s birthday.

Because let’s be real – there are moments when you feel like “the months are passing by too quickly, I can’t keep track” or “I’ve got sooo much to do, I can’t focus“.

And you just need a minute to collect your thoughts.

Now you can turn to your 2018 Calendar.

2018 Calendar

Get one for yourself and give a few as gifts. Clear your head and soothe those you care about.

I’m in! I want inspiration for my desk >>