2024 Best Picture – The Nominees

It’s that exciting time of the year again – Academy Award season! Let’s bring some of that magic to our own little voting session for best picture?

Take a virtual trip through my collection of six stunning landscape and travel photographs.

Breathtaking mountain landscapes, vibrant Copenhagen scenes… each photograph has its own unique charm, making it a tough decision for you to choose just one!

So, grab your virtual voting card and get ready to cast your ballot for the image that speaks to you most, makes your heart skip a beat, or has your mind wandering to beautiful places.

Which photograph will earn your vote and be crowned the Best Picture in the Jennifer Squires Productions Academy Awards? Have a scroll through these six nominees and vote for your favourite at the bottom. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.

Fall and Rise, Horizontal

Fall and Rise, Horizontal Rocky Mountains Wall Print

Whimsical Ascension

Whimsical Ascension, Copenhagen Horizontal Art Print

Harmonious Hues

Harmonious Hues, Copenhagen Horizontal Art Print

Nyhavn Kaleidoscope

Nyhavn Kaleidoscope, Copenhagen Horizontal Art Print

Morning Flow

Morning Flow, Horizontal Rocky Mountains Print

Canal Serenade

Canal Serenade, Copenhagen Vertical Art Print by Jennifer Squires

Which picture is your favourite? Vote for best picture below and I’ll announce the winners in a week or two.

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