3 Simple Interior Decorating Ideas and Tricks from Upstaging

Simple Interior Decorating Ideas and Tricks

Simple Interior Decorating Ideas and Tricks

One beautiful Saturday morning last month I woke craving a spring home makeover. The air was fresh, the sun was just beginning to warm the day, and I was looking for happy home decor ideas so I headed to the Home and Outdoors Show here in London. Jillian Summers, an interior designer and home stager from Upstaging, was giving a presentation sharing some simple interior decorating ideas and tricks, here’s a few of my favourites:

Put your bed on the focal wall when you walk into the room. Yes! For years both of the bedrooms in our house weren’t set up like this. Last summer I moved the bed in our master from the wall the door was on to the wall perpendicular to the door, and now the room seems sooo much larger and more inviting. This put the head of the bed under the slanty ceiling, which we still need to figure out a headboard for, but being under the gable is a lot more cozy and comforting.

Our guest bedroom is rarely used, so we always just had the bed stuck in the corner to keep it out of the way and give us a bit more space. Last month when my Mom came to visit and we were getting the room ready for her, we moved the bed to the middle of the wall facing the door. It definitely makes the room a lot smaller, but it’s a so much more welcoming and now I’m inspired to decorate!

So simple, yet so much impact!

Mohair pillows add warmth. I’ve been eyeing up some furry pillows over the past couple of months but I couldn’t decide if they were right for our brown sofa. Our living room is a soft, light blue-grey, and fairly masculine considering it’s lightness. I can’t decide which colour throw pillows to go with but I did see a pretty blush pink fuzzy one recently that I thought could be fun. And in the winter our living room can definitely use some warmth…

Use monochrome colours for a calming decor. We don’t use a lot of contrast in our home, everything tends to be on the light, airy, muted side of the spectrum, and our guests always comment on how soothing our place is and how much it matches our personalities. We’re not quite monochrome, and I definitely think we could stand a few little happy pops of colour, but  as far as calming tones go, the proof is in the pudding. The less drama, the less, well, drama.