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Hi there wonderful readers!

I get asked quite often where I have my photographs printed.  Unfortunately, that’s not such an easy question to answer.  Having been photographing professionally for well over ten years now (yikes!  It feels like I just finished college three years ago) I’ve tested all kinds of labs and I’ve heard many different opinions from fellow photographers.  What I’ve found is that almost any lab can make the occasional beautiful print, but I need consistency and reliability.  I need my photographs to last a long, long time so I have them printed at a professional lab that uses long lasting papers.  I also need accurate colour and nice clean prints.  That’s where Michelle comes in.  

Michelle has been making professional quality photographic prints since the 90s and has worked in most of the pro labs here in London; she knows her stuff yet still finds ways to learn more.  We work closely to monitor the accuracy of the colour that the machines at her particular lab produce and make adjustments as needed.  Over the years Michelle and I have become close friends and I think it’s reflected in the care she takes when printing my work.

It’s good to use a lab with quality machines, but machines make the prints as much as cars (not drivers) win the races.  So when it comes to where I go to have prints made: I go where Michelle goes.  Thanks for all of your hard work Michelle!

(image: jennifer squires ross)

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2 thoughts on “a question of labs

  1. nic says:

    I am confused…so where do you print? I am not a pro photog, but do take photos for family and friends and am currently printing at WHCC – and the quality and consistency are great, but would love to print in Canada… could you let me know where you go, so I can send test prints? Please and Thank you!

    • jennifer says:

      nic – you need to fine your own way, find a printer that you connect with, trust, and who knows what they are doing. The lab I use is local (not online), check out the pro shops in your area and see what works best for you.

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