a relaxing week at the cottage


Last week we spent six wonderfully relaxing days at the cottage: sipping tea, reading books, knitting mittens, and snuggling by the fireplace on those rainy days – glorious! Lots of photography too.

This image is one of my favourites. I took it from our neighbour’s dock on one very cold windy evening. I was afraid I wasn’t going to get many pictures that day because of all the rain but it let up just as the sun was going down so we (Darren/my assistant and I) were able to rush out and capture a few images before the daylight was replaced with night.

For me this photograph is full of memories:

  • cool mornings with a cup of tea watching the sunrise
  • daybreak pedal boat tours around the lake
  • kids running and leaping into the water
  • warm days spent floating and staring up at the sun
  • carefree summers at the cottage
  • long evenings spent watching the sunset

We’re coming to the end of another summer cottage season, fortunately I have images like this one that will get me through the coming winter.  What are your favourite memories of summer?

{this photograph will soon be available as a limited edition print in our shop, stay tuned to the blog for details}

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