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My Mom lives two hours east of us and Darren’s parents are two hours to our west, so for a while things were kinda hairy over the holidays. Trying to visit everyone in the span of a few days really wasn’t working for us, it heightened stress levels, gave strict deadlines, meant for lots of driving in less than ideal conditions in heavy holiday traffic, and often resulted in visits cut short, and it wasn’t at all relaxing for us.

So we’ve started alternating Christmas’, one year with my family the following with his. It’s been working out really well. It was a bit of a hump to get over the first couple years when our parents were insisting we just suck it up, but now that it’s the new routine it seems to be a nice balance. Those that don’t get a visit during the holidays get one afterwards in January.

Though I do dream of spending Christmas at home once in a while – waking up in my own bed, having sweet pastries for breakfast, spending the day in my pajamas in our quiet sanctuary – but maybe that’s something we can re-schedule for another day.

We have friends who’s families have taken it a step further, they’ll celebrate Christmas a few weeks earlier with their extended family on his side, then on another weekend they’ll spend time with her side of the family. Then they have Christmas day to themselves, at home, creating their own traditions.

The Result – Our family has our undivided attention for much longer during the holidays plus we’re able to relax, rejuvenate, and really enjoy ourselves.

Make it Your Own – Talk to your family and see which events can be rescheduled for a different day. Who says Christmas dinner has to be on Christmas day anyways?

How do you balance all the family you want to see over the holidays? Do you alternate yearly? Plan get togethers outside of the main holiday season? Or do you host everyone at your place and get all the visits in at once?


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