A Simple Christmas – Feasting

Winter Landscape Photography - Cornsilk Glaze

Cornsilk Glaze, Winter Landscape Photography

Ok you’ve found our indulgence. This is where things get ca-razy! We love food and for us Christmas is the time for us to pull out all the stops – apple pie cookies, marble cupcakes, cheeses – sweets and appetizers until long after the cows have come home.

The best way to simplify the good ole home cookin’ is to stay organized. I start making my food list nice and early, making my mouth water as early as November. Then I list every single ingredient that I’ll need to make everything on our menu and I do our grocery shopping as early as is reasonable, so I’m not stuck in the last minute lines and I’ve got lots of time to get my baking done. Next I start cleaning out the freezer so I can bake up and freeze up as much as I can in advance, just doing a couple things a week so there’s no mad rush at the end.

And if there is something that just doesn’t get made, I make a note to make it as a special treat in January, then I forget about it and enjoy everything that I do have.

I also really try hard not to stuff myself full during the holidays. One plate of food at Christmas dinner, no more than I normally eat. I go easy on the potatoes because they tend to make me feel really uncomfortable afterwards. I eat lots of fresh foods like pomegranate, avocado, and apples, and if I’m going to be spending a few days away from home I always bring muffins or chickpea salad or something full of healthy ingredients that will help curb my gluttony.

The Result – We savour all sorts of delicacies with our family and friends with lots to go around because we made everything well in advance.

Make it Your Own – Make a list of all the food you’ll need over the holidays – the earlier the better. Then list all the ingredients that goes into everything. Cross out what you already have, and while you’re at it dig it out of the cupboard and set it aside so it doesn’t get used for something else. Get yourself to the grocery store and buy all the ingredients that won’t expire and stash them away with those you already have. Make room in your freezer and get baking one or two things a week and freeze until needed.

How do you eat well during the holidays? Do you limit your eating or fill your plate with health food? How do you stay on top of your Christmas baking and food making?


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