April 2023 Wallpaper with Calendar

April 2023 Wallpaper for iPhone and Desktop Organizer
April 2023 Wallpaper for iPhone and Desktop Organizer

Who else loves sprucing up their digital space?! Spring may seem far off, but it’s never too early to prep your desktop and phone with a fresh background and organizer. Add a touch of happiness and inspiration to your workspaces with my April 2023 wallpaper!

This month’s edition features branches covered with gorgeous pink magnolia flowers. There’s still snow here in London, Canada, and blooms like these are still a month away, but I just couldn’t resist using this photograph from last year. I’ll take all the warm weather inspiration I can get!

Whether you’re starting a new project, trying to keep your files organized, or simply looking for a burst of spring happiness when you look at your phone, nothing beats being greeted by this beautiful layout.

So why wait? Let’s elevate our workspaces and add a touch of whimsy to our day-to-day routine!

April 2023 Wallpaper for iPhone and Desktop Organizer

April 2023 Wallpaper

Regular Screens (3072 x 1920 pixels) – this is the one that most of you want

Wide Screens (6016 x 3584 pixels)

I’ve also put together an iPhone wallpaper so you can take these pretty spring florals with you wherever you go.

April 2023 Wallpaper for iPhone

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