Art Collecting – Pairing with Indigo Escape

Abstract Landscape Art - Indigo Escape

Abstract Landscape Art - Indigo Escape

Dear Jennifer,

I recently purchased a large canvas of Indigo Escape – I absolutely love it and thanks for the card! My wife and I think it would look lovely with an accompanying piece… We are torn between Coyote in the Woods (which you’ve paired it with in the past) or In The Clouds. Which would you choose?

All the best,
Art Collecting

Dear Art Collecting,

I’m so happy you love your new art! I’ve put together mockups of what Indigo Escape will look like with both Coyote in the Woods and In The Clouds.

Art Collecting - Coyote in the Woods and Indigo Escape

Art Collecting - In The Clouds and Indigo Escape

They both look great but personally I’m leaning towards In The Clouds because I like the repetition of the layers in the two pieces. Though the wave shape of Coyote in the Woods is a nice compliment too. I could have used your help choosing which image to pair with Indigo Escape for a recent show, I ended up going with Coyote in the Woods but now I’m quite partial to your selection!

Have a beautiful day!