Art Gifts for Tree Lovers

Art Gifts for Tree Lovers - Winter, autumn, and spring tree photographs
Art Gifts for Tree Lovers - Winter, autumn, and spring tree photographs

Happy gift giving season! Got a nature lover in your life? Someone who loves a walk in the woods to relax after a long week at work? Here’s 8 art gifts for tree lovers that I know they’ll love…

Vanilla Dream

Winter Landscape Photography - Vanilla Dream - Black and White Tree

Vanilla Dream is not only the quintessential winter tree photograph but also reminiscent of the tree of life. Bonus – it works well with most decor!

Elviage Pearl

Tree Art for Walls - Elviage Pearl - Winter Landscape Photography

Elviage Pearl represents family. The minimalist vibe will help calm busy spaces or complement (calm-plement?) modern decor.

Tangled Winter Web

Nordic Art Print - Tangled Winter Web - Landscape Photograph

Tangled Winter Web is for those who like long winter walks to admire the pretty fresh fallen snow still clinging to the tree branches. Lovely in a dining room, kitchen, or living room.

Autumn Ambiance

Autumn Ambiance - Yellow Tree Photography Print

Autumn Ambiance is the perfect print for those who love fall. Those bright yellow leaves are an easy way to add a pop of colour to a contemporary home, without being overwhelming.


Abstract Tree Art - Charlotte - Modern Minimalist Autumn Decor

Charlotte is for someone who’s favourite season is autumn. It goes by quick and they dream of it for the rest of the year. Equally as lovely at home or at the office.

In the Morning Sunlight I was Free

Inspirational Pictures - In the Morning Sunlight I was Free

In the Morning Sunlight I was Free is for the person who feels most at home in the spring. Who sheds winter’s cold and runs playfully through the park at every chance they get. And, it’s perfect for above a sofa, bed, or credenza.

Gentle Healing

Gentle Healing - Spring Nature Photography Art Print

Gentle Healing is for the person who dreams of spring all winter long. Then when it arrives, is perfectly happy to curl up on a blanket under a tree and read Jane Austin. Adds a pretty feminine touch to a bedroom or above a side table.

Spring Shine

Pink Tree Wall Art - Spring Shine

Spring Shine is dazzling and filled with flair. For the person who’s energetic happiness fills the room when they enter. Most inspiring in a breakfast nook, bedroom, or studio.

Find even more gifts for tree lovers in my Landscape Photography collection. Available framed or unframed for easy presentation at every price point.

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