art in the village 2010

jennifer squires productions at art in the village

Hi Everyone!

Darren and I had a wonderful time at Art in the Village on the weekend! It was so nice to meet people in real space, as opposed to cyberspace. The weather was glorious and overcast with the rain holding off until closing time.

jennifer squires productions booth at art in the village

We learnt a lot at our first outdoor event. It definitely pays to pack the car in advance and to get there earlier then you think is necessary, trust me, you won’t be the first to arrive. We also should have brought a second white table cloth to hide our ugly sawhorse table legs and all the things we stashed underneath. And two litres of water just isn’t enough! Should have brought three, luckily there was a water fountain nearby. I also wish we had a better way to display the extra framed pieces that we had instead of on a blanket on the ground, but they were a last minute addition and I’m sure glad we brought them.

jennifer squires productions table at art in the village

jennifer squires productions table at art in the village

There were lots of lovely comments about our booth and how pretty our table was. We made wood photo blocks specifically for the occasion and although lots of people loved them we didn’t really sell many. That’s fine though, they are a nice trinket that caught the eye of passersby.

art in the village on the london free press website

We were very lucky to have our booth visited by the London Free Press who included us in their online slideshow (we’re image number 5). Yippee!

We had such a great time at this art in the park type event that we’d definitely like to do more! What is your favourite art event in your area?

PS. Thanks to everyone that stopped by our booth, and a special thank you to Darren, for having more faith in me than I had in myself!

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  1. Mom says:

    Wow, your set up looks fantastic. You are a natural for displaying your work. If I was there I would have bought like crazy. Lucky you making Londons Free Press as well. It really looks great. You should be very pleased with yourself.

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