august 2009 vegetable garden update


Hi There Everyone!

Oh how I’ve missed you!  We’re back from five days at the cottage and a must needed rest.  Work on our home and headquarters is not yet complete but we are definitely seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, still much work left though!

Our garden, oh my!  We’ve begun harvesting the delicious delights from our backyard farm.  Even though summer hasn’t been co-operative there are still many tasty treats to be had.  The tomatoes pictured here are Brandywine (left) and a Black Plum Tomato (right) – that’s a crazy horn coming out of it huh?


Here’s how the rest of the garden is looking.  The pea plants have been removed and re-sowed for a fall harvest and for some reason the zucchini plant has started looking wilted, hopefully they will bring us a few more pieces before fading away completely.


Our potato plant died off about a week ago so I dumped out the pot and low and behold – a handful of potatoes!  I think I would have gotten more had the urn been completely full of dirt and been in an area that got more sun.  I can’t wait to see how many are in the five gallon bucket I planted, it’s still looking pretty good, I figure it’s got a couple of weeks to go yet.


And I can’t resist, here’s a photo from our trip.  That’s my sweetie pie and I atop the fire tower in Dorset.  Such a beautiful view before the storm rolled in!

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