August 2012 Photo A Day Calendar

August 2012 Photo A Day Calendar

August 2012 Photo A Day Calendar

My resolution for the month of August is to make more fun photographs. Images that I just happen upon, unplanned, and captured primarily with my point and shoot camera. Maybe even on auto exposure – ooo, how risqué…

And because I’m a Type A Libra it’s going to require a chart. In the form of a calendar, so I can track my progress. I’ll be returning to this post every few days to update my calendar, so check back often to make sure I stay the course. You can see the uncropped images in all their glory in my August 2012 Photo A Day Facebook Gallery.

Maybe you’ll play along? You can download your very own template here:

[download id=”25″]

And if you do decide to join me, share your link where you’ll be tracking your progress.

How often do you make fun photographs? How do you share them with friends and family? How do you stay on track and motivated? Have you ever taken on a month long photo project?

3 thoughts on “August 2012 Photo A Day Calendar

    • Jennifer says:

      Here’s what you need to do:
      1. resize your photograph to 1×1 inches at 300 dpi
      2. copy your photograph into the calendar file
      3. line up your photograph with the appropriate grey square
      4. drag the layer styles from the grey square to your image layer
      5. turn off visibility for the grey square

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