August 2013 Desktop Calendar

August 2013 Calendar
August 2013 Calendar
August 2013 Calendar

How fantastic was July?!  We Went Into the Unknown on Lake Huron, partnered with the St. Thomas-Elgin Public Art Centre who now carry our notecards and prints, talked about what kind of camera I use and how I choose my aperture for landscape photography. Plus I shared with you some things from my personal life that you maybe didn’t know about me, including some of my very first photographs, how Darren and I grow our love, simply, and we still had time to play a little hooky.

We’ve got your August calendar ready a little bit early, with the heat wave last week I’ve been hiding in the studio trying to stay cool. This month we’re featuring my latest sunrise photograph Summer Lovers, a minimalist landscape photograph made on Lake Huron at Ipperwash, Ontario, Canada. You can download yours here:

[download id=”11369″] [download id=”11371″] [download id=”11373″]

And you can see our whole archive of calendars here: Downloadable Desktop Calendars.

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