baby justin


Life has been busy, but in a very good way!  Yesterday took me to Aylmer, Ontario to photograph newborn baby Justin – he’s just 17 days old.  Isn’t he sweet?  Babies are so great when they are this tiny, all cuddly, cozy, and trying their darnedest to nap.  The rain was falling both outside and in – oh the tears from this little guy!  All he wanted was to sleep, but there was this strange lady with a camera interrupting him.  He calmed down a few times so we were able to capture some precious newborn moments with both of his parents.  Stay tuned, more baby Justin photographs to come!

3 thoughts on “baby justin

  1. Sydney says:

    You do such amazing photos of babies, I just want to bring my son up to Canada for you to take his picture :)

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