Beausoleil Island Landscape – Warrior

Warrior - Beausoleil Island Fine Art Photography

Warrior - Beausoleil Island Fine Art Photography

Warrior, Beausoleil Island Fine Art Landscape Photograph

The water in Georgian Bay, Lake Huron was really low during our stay on Beausoleil Island. Typically Ogitchidawkwe Naaniibwe Islands are completely detached from Beausoleil Island proper but a sandbar formed giving us access without having to wade or swim across. I was lucky enough to make the landscape photograph Warrior the same night that we were in the area creating Enfold, meaning one less scary Blair Witch bicycle ride through the woods.

What do you think of panoramic photographs? Do you find them awkward to frame and display? Or do you love their boldness?

5 thoughts on “Beausoleil Island Landscape – Warrior

  1. Anita Beletic says:

    ah… I spent many a summer playing on that island. And back then there was no sand bar. The water was deep. I learned how to swim at Beausoliel. Your pictures are fantastic. They have brought back soo many good memories.

    • Jennifer says:

      Oh Anita, I’m so happy to hear that you have such fond memories of Beausoleil! Any plans to go back? You definitely should.

  2. Anita Beletic says:

    I would love to go back, but not sure that will happen anytime soon. My parents sold the family cottage in Honey Harbour and have retired in Bayfield. So it seems I am still not far from your photo hangouts. Both places are lovely and so different.

    • Jennifer says:

      You could always camp or cabin at Beausoleil for a weekend, it’s well worth it. Bayfield is beautiful too! I really need to spend a Saturday poking around in town after savouring a morning on the beach.

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