Christmas Greeting Cards

Tree Christmas Greeting Cards

Beautiful Christmas Greeting Cards - Vanilla Dream

When I was little I used to make hand lettered folded cards for birthdays, or to just to say get well or I love you. I was sooo proud of those cards! And I had so much fun making them – I loved sitting down with my lettering book and very carefully drawing out each individual letter. I’d even print my hallmark on the back – “This has been another Jennifer Squires production”.

Thirty years later I’m pleased to announce my 2017 holiday card collection! These beautiful Christmas greeting cards are just what you need when you want to stand out in the sea of mass produced cards your family and friends receive. With them you will:

  • Inspire the people you love with a small piece of art
  • Help those on your list relax with a soothing winter scene
  • Celebrate how beautiful winter can be
  • Share your love for nordic and coastal style

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Beautiful Christmas Greeting Cards - Indigo Escape

I know it feels too early to be thinking about the holidays, but order your cards now so you’ll have lots of time to write your notes and get them delivered.

Beautiful Christmas Greeting Cards

  • Blank inside and ready for you to add your own secret love notes
  • 5×7 inches so they fit perfectly in store bought frame, making them a card and a gift all in one!
  • Are available as singles (so you can send just one to your special someone) or in sets (so you can spread the love to your five or ten closest kindred spirits)

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These snowy greeting cards are designed to give you the little bit of inspiration you need to spread the love this holiday season, so you can tell the people you care about that you’re thinking of them.

Because we’ve all had moments where we’ve thought “all the cards at the big box store are sooo cheesy” or “I want to send something more personal this holiday season“.

And you wished there was an alternative.

Now there is.

Order your beautiful Christmas greeting cards today so you have lots of time to send them out, you’ve got nothing to lose by ordering early, and you’ll have rest easy knowing you’re one step closer to being organized for the holidays.

Beautiful Christmas Greeting Cards - Elviage Pearl

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The absolute last day you should be ordering Christmas cards is November 30th, but since you like to be organized you’re best to place your order by mid-November.