Best Picture of 2019 – The Winner

Breezy Like Sunday Morning - Bikes in Amsterdam picture
Breezy Like Sunday Morning - Bikes in Amsterdam picture

I’ve tallied up all your votes over the past few weeks and the winner of Best Picture is…

Breezy Like Sunday Morning

Ok, that would have been a lot more dramatic if the photograph wasn’t featured at the top of this blog post…

It’s one of my favourites too! Though between you and me, I voted for Bloemenmarkt Canal Houses.

Breezy Like Sunday Morning - Framed Bikes in Amsterdam picture

I’m so happy to hear you’re not sick of sun flare, because guess what?! Neither am I! It just adds so much happiness, magic, and longing for Amsterdam in this image. It totally makes me flash back to being there.

Thanks for voting! You can check out all the nominees here >

Oh, and Breezy Like Sunday Morning is available framed or unframed in my online shop.

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