Best Places to Buy Picture Frames in Canada

You’ve bought some new art that you’re super excited to hang, but first you need to get a frame. And you live in Canada. Where there isn’t nearly as much selection as there is stateside. So where should you shop?

I asked five Canadian design and decor friends their favourite places to buy picture frames in Canada – AND THERE’S ONE PLACE THAT CAME OUT ON TOP. I know it won’t come as a surprise to you, but now you won’t be second guessing yourself.

Whether you’re planning out a gallery wall, a picture ledge, or if you have just one piece that you need a frame for, then this should be your go-to.

Spoiler alert: four out of five Canadian designers recommend Ikea for picture frames. Read on to find out why, along with their other shop suggestions too.

Angela, designer at AR Space + Design, said “I get most frames from Ikea, HomeSense and Michaels.”

Favourite Places to Buy Picture Frames in Canada

Kristen, decor enthusiast at Hello My Loves , said “Ikea is always great for inexpensive frames. I really like that some have plexiglass so if it were to ever fall, it does not have any sharp glass.”

Favourite Places to Buy Picture Frames in Canada

Wafae, decor enthusiast at A Moroccan’s Pink and Gold Dream, said “I like Ikea frames. They’re not too expensive and make a statement.”

Favourite Places to Buy Picture Frames in Canada

Maria, home stager at The Charming House, said “I like going to IKEA!!! Reasonably priced for a gallery look.”

Favourite Places to Buy Picture Frames in Canada

Jami, designer at BryCo Interiors, is the only one not to mention Ikea. She’s here in London where the closest Ikea store is an hour and a half away (so she feels my pain!). “I love to source picture frames from HomeSense. They typically have a wide variety of frames that will coordinate well together, especially in a collage wall application. One of my favourite stores for framed art is Warehouse 74. I love to support local businesses and therefore Warehouse 74 is one of my first stops when sourcing for new projects. A design tip for frames would be to incorporate a mat, which gives a much higher end feel.”

Favourite Places to Buy Picture Frames in Canada

Personally, I like that Ikea has everything online so I can research the size and style I need in advance when I’m planning things out. Though probably my favourite place to buy picture frames in Canada is Michaels. They’ve got a great selection and the’re good quality. You can read more about my picks for where to get picture frames here >

And if you’re looking for something to put in those frames, then definitely check out my shop. I’ve got soothing beach, landscape, abstract, and travel art prints that I know you’ll love.

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