bloomin earth – the main event

Booth set up for Bloomin Earth

How wrinkly is that tablecloth?! Somehow I didn’t notice it on Saturday, although I guess there wouldn’t have been much I could have done about it. Looks like I’ve got some ironing to do.

The weather for Saturday’s Bloomin Earth market in Kitchener, Ontario was windy and rainy, so lucky for us vendors the coordinators decided to move the even indoors, hooray! It’s so lovely and inspiring to spend the day with other makers.

I really missed Darren, he’s so good with customers and his smile always brightens my day. He had prior obligations so I did the show on my own. My Mom and aunt and uncle stopped by for a bit too, they watched my booth while I had lunch. Thanks everyone!

Framed minimalist seascape phtoographs

Minimalist seascape photography table at Bloomin Earth.

The highlight of my day, and let me tell you, it was tough to choose, was seeing my long lost cousin Rob. Neither of us knew the other would be having a booth there so it was a happy surprise! Our family doesn’t get together much, I feel like I’ve only ever met him five or six times, but this is the third time I’ve seen him in two years. Hi Rob!

The French Press Stationery Studio

This is Kate. She runs The French Press Stationery Studio. We’ve been friends for about six years now, she’s married to a boy that I grew up with. Kate does amazing work over a variety of genres.

The French Press Stationery Studio

Kate makes beautifully simple notecards. She was worried that with an outdoor event her paper goodies might sail away with the breeze so she made this wicked-awesome display to keep everything in it’s place. I know! Brilliant!

The French Press Stationery Studio at Bloomin Earth.

Kate also likes loves to sew. Don’t even get her started discussing the inspiration for these elephants. There will be tears. And you’ll be taking an elephant home. Like I said, Kate is amazing.

Quirkology at Bloomin Earth

This right here is my favourite table from the event: Quirkology. I should have taken some close-ups for all of you to see but I had to get back to my booth. Crocheted vegetables. Somehow this never seemed odd to me until I typed it here. She had a fantastic setup! Her veggies were snuggled into some fake grass. So simple and so effective. Look closely, you’ll be surprised at what you find. Crocheted ice cream cones, toothbrush and toothpaste, and an alarm clock. So well done!

Like every show I attend I host a draw to give away some of my work, the winner of this event is: Sheila Perkin. Congratulations!

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