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November 2020 Wallpaper with Calendar

Your November 2020 wallpaper is ready! And this month it features my popular fall photograph [...]

October 2020 Wallpaper with Calendar

My October 2020 wallpaper is sooo tranquil! It’s sure to leave you with many relaxing [...]


September 2020 Wallpaper with Calendar

My September 2020 wallpaper is ready for you to download! It features a happy, sunshiny [...]

August 2020 Wallpaper with Calendar

I haven’t been to the beach once yet this year. I know. Can you believe [...]

July 2020 Wallpaper with Calendar

I’m loving the dreamy summer beach vibe of the July 2020 wallpaper I made for [...]

June 2020 Wallpaper with Calendar

How perky and summery is the June 2020 wallpaper I made for you?! And it’s [...]

May 2020 Wallpaper with Calendar

Darling, today’s your lucky day, because my May 2020 wallpaper is ready for you to [...]

April 2020 Desktop and iPhone Wallpaper

March is flying by so much quicker than I’d imagined! And now here I am [...]


March 2020 Wallpaper with Calendar

I’m happy to share your March 2020 wallpaper with you! But it’s not for reasons [...]


February 2020 Wallpaper with Calendar

I’m super excited about your February 2020 wallpaper! So excited, in fact, that I’ve already [...]

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January 2020 Wallpaper with Calendar

I’m sooo excited about your January 2020 wallpaper! Wanna know why?! Because it means I’m [...]


December 2019 Wallpaper with Calendar

Your December wallpaper is ready and I’m really excited to share the first little look [...]

November 2019 Wallpaper with Calendar

I’ve got new fall landscape photographs coming out very soon and I thought it would [...]

October 2019 Wallpaper with Calendar

My little secret for tiny moments of relaxation? My calming October 2019 wallpaper. Rush out [...]

September 2019 Wallpaper with Calendar

We snuck away last week to Ottawa and Mont-Tremblant in Quebec and I totally forgot [...]


Free Printable Wall Art

I have a present for you! A free printable wall art jpg that you can [...]

August 2019 Wallpaper with Calendar

Beach weather this year is sooo hard to come by! I don’t know what it’s [...]

July 2019 Wallpaper Calendar

At last, summer has come along. My lonely days are over. And life is like [...]


June 2019 Wallpaper with Calendar

It’s almost June and spring is in the air! Heck, summer is almost in the [...]

May 2019 Wallpaper with Calendar

Who else is thrilled that it’s slowly becoming beach weather?! I mean, it’s not strip-down-and-dive-in [...]