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July 2017 Calendar

We’ve spent a few lovely evenings on the beach in Grand Bend this past month, [...]


June 2017 Calendar

I just couldn’t resist another piece of blush pink art for your June 2017 calendar. I [...]

May 2017 Calendar

I love to add a lightness to our home this time of year. Opening the curtains [...]

April 2017 Calendar

Your April 2017 calendar is ready! And it’s soft and soothing and beautifully transitional. Ready [...]

March 2017 Calendar

I flung my tired and aching body onto the bed and smiled, February has been [...]

February 2017 Calendar

As I snuggled into my sofa for my morning meditation I blinked my eyes open and [...]

January 2017 Calendar

I was busy taking some time offline over the holidays to plan for the magic of [...]


December 2016 Calendar

Thank you for all your support during our once a year sale that finished yesterday! I’m [...]

November 2016 Calendar

I know fall is supposed to be a photographer’s favourite time of year, but for me [...]

October 2016 Calendar

My birthday is on Friday so I’m taking a few days off work this week [...]

September 2016 Calendar

I’ve gotten your September 2016 calendar ready just in the nick of time. We were off [...]

August 2016 Calendar

Your August 2016 Calendar is coming to you a smidge early this month and gives [...]

July 2016 Calendar

Happy Summer! Get your desktop all dolled up for July with another sneak peek from [...]

June 2016 Calendar

Your June 2016 calendar features a sneak peek from my upcoming release of new abstract [...]

May 2016 Calendar

I’m so sorry for the delay in getting you your May 2016 calendar. I’ve been [...]

April 2016 Calendar

Hey. So this is that awkward time of year for my blog. It’s almost April. [...]

March 2016 Calendar

Here’s another sneak peek from this coming Tuesday, March 1st’s Quebec Collection release. This time [...]

February 2016 Calendar

With the winter snow off to a slightly slow start this year, unless you live on [...]

January 2016 Calendar

I made our January 2016 calendar and wrote this post in advance so I could [...]

December 2015 Calendar

December’s calendar is available pretty early this month because we’ve got some excitement coming in [...]