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October 2014 Calendar

I’ve been busy experimenting with some new photographs and I thought I’d include my favourite [...]

September 2014 Calendar

August has certainly been a chilly month in our part of the world. I did [...]

August 2014 Calendar

July has FLOWN by. I didn’t do enough savouring of the mild weather, though in [...]


July 2014 Calendar

We spent last Friday night on the Ipperwash beach. First having our portraits made by the [...]


June 2014 Calendar

There’ve been a lot of requests for a summery, sunshiny calendar, I think everyone is [...]

May 2014 Calendar

Hello Everyone! Sorry we haven’t been blogging much lately, the flu has invaded our studio [...]


April 2014 Calendar

How was your winter in your part of the world? Here everyone is pretty much [...]

March 2014 Calendar

Good Morning Everyone! We’re getting ready for our new image launch on Monday and we [...]

February 2014 Calendar

Good Morning Everyone! How was your weekend? We were busy over here filling our house [...]

January 2014 Calendar

Happy! Happy! Happy New Year! Now that the harshness of our recent ice storm is [...]

December 2013 Calendar

We got our first dumping of snow on the weekend. We left London under blue [...]

November 2013 Calendar

Let’s let the beauty of October carry on and on, at least for another few [...]

October 2013 Calendar

I was in Toronto a few weeks ago working on a top secret project and [...]

September 2013 Calendar

We’re back from an amazing holiday on Pelee Island! I spent all morning putting together [...]


August 2013 Desktop Calendar

How fantastic was July?!  We Went Into the Unknown on Lake Huron, partnered with the [...]


July 2013 Desktop Calendar

How fantastic has your June been? Ours was filled with photographs from all over, location [...]

June 2013 Desktop Calendar

Good Morning June! I can’t believe you’re finally here. Our calendar this month features Golden [...]


May 2013 Desktop Calendar

Happy {almost} May everyone! I’m starting to get pretty excited about the upcoming photography season! [...]


April 2013 Desktop Calendar

Happy (almost) April everyone! My head is filled with sweet dreams of seedlings, songbirds, and [...]

March 2013 Desktop Calendar

I can’t believe it’s already time to share our March desktop calendar! February just flew [...]