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July 2014 Calendar

We spent last Friday night on the Ipperwash beach. First having our portraits made by the [...]


Zen Art – Pinery Beach Photography

Spending time at the beach is relaxing but we can’t always make it there as [...]

Urban Photography – Museum London

I love houses and architecture and design and decor, and if it weren’t for photography [...]

Urban Photography – Amuse

Are you a city mouse or a country mouse? {And if you like this image [...]

May 2014 Calendar

Hello Everyone! Sorry we haven’t been blogging much lately, the flu has invaded our studio [...]


April 2014 Calendar

How was your winter in your part of the world? Here everyone is pretty much [...]

Tree Art – Winter in the Motherland

I recently spent five days at my Mom’s place. She still lives in the house [...]


Landscape Photography, Your Favourites in 2013

Welcome, welcome, welcome 2014! A new year means new beginnings! And I like to take [...]

2014 Wall Calendars

We have 2014 wall calendars! I’ve already shared with you our Toronto, Pelee, and Landscape [...]

Nature Photography – The Smell of Fall

I’m completely smitten with the smell of fall! The decomposing leaves, the fresh air, and [...]

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How the world glows in shades of yellow.

2014 Landscape Calendar

Last but not least, our Landscape Calendar is finally ready! We’ve already told you about [...]


Pelee Island Lighthouse

I can almost smell the sea. Or a giant lake that looks like the sea [...]

2014 Pelee Island Calendar

On Monday I told you about our Toronto Calendar but we’ve also whipped up a [...]


She and He

Near the Pelee Island lighthouse there’s a beautiful pebble beach that looks out to the [...]

Pelee Rhythm

When we got home from Pelee Island this summer one of the things I noticed [...]

Walking Meditation

Black and white seascape photograph of the southern tip of Pelee Island, the most southern inhabited [...]



Waves washing itty bitty shells up onto the sandy beach of Pelee Island.

Minimalist Photography – Ashore

The beaches of Pelee Island are wonderfully quiet and filled with little treasures.

I’m Still

I’ve been experimenting with more abstract-ish colour at dawn, which is meaning even earlier mornings on [...]