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just precious

“You were very professional and worked hard to make sure that we have great portraits [...]

pickles 37

New in my Etsy shop!

summer pasta

New in my Etsy shop!

ground cover

New in my Etsy shop!

beach photos

Interested in taking photos of the beach?  Early in the morning and late in the [...]

zucchini blooms

New in my Etsy shop: Zucchini Bloom 33 and Zucchini Bloom 15


New in my Etsy shop: Hosta 34 and Hosta 24

rice 3

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New in my Etsy shop! 100% recycled holiday cards!  The card itself is blank inside, [...]

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elevate your portraits

Portraits are always much nicer if you keep your camera

congratulations sally + patrick!

My congratulations go out to Sally + Patrick

memory card mania!

Has anyone else noticed how cheap memory cards are getting? For a very small amount [...]

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level your horizon

Whenever you’re photographing a scene that has horizontal lines in it (such as a landscape, [...]

crop into your subject

Don’t be afraid to crop into your subject. By leaving part of your subject out [...]

tilt your camera

Try tilting your camera, just oh so slightly, to the left or the right to [...]

family day!

February 18th – Ontario’s new Family Day!


Props do so much more than fill space, they tell a story. But more importantly [...]

kind words

“…our expectations were exceeded…my ideas were valued. I knew I could ‘Let go of the [...]

shoot from a low angle

It’s really important to connect with the person you’re photographing. One of the easiest ways [...]

beautiful details

Get in close for some detail shots – honing in on some