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Pack List for Vacation Photos

We are super excited for my Mom! She’s getting ready to go on her first [...]

Sunrise Seascape Photography Call Times

My early morning photography schedule has seen a recent change. Typically when heading out for [...]

8 Tips for Landscape Photography Lighting

Last week Karen asked on our Facebook Page how I balance the contrast between the brightness of [...]

Tips for How to Choose an Aperture for Landscape Photography

One of the hot questions in landscape photography is always “Which aperture do you use?”, [...]


christmas photo tips

We’re quickly diving into the holiday season, and with all the shopping, baking, and decorating, [...]


fall photo reminders

{images from top: Abby Blaine, Allen D Johnson} Don’t forget to get out there and [...]


the blah, blah, blahg

Have you been over to check out The Blah, Blah, Blahg yet?  No?  Well you [...]

making prints

I know how easy it is to take a hundred digital photographs. I know how [...]


photographing sunsets

Timing is everything when photograhing sunsets.  The best moments to get magnificent shots are

choosing a background colour

Choosing the correct background colour can go a long way to enhance your photographs.  Pick [...]

beach photos

Interested in taking photos of the beach?  Early in the morning and late in the [...]

elevate your portraits

Portraits are always much nicer if you keep your camera

memory card mania!

Has anyone else noticed how cheap memory cards are getting? For a very small amount [...]


level your horizon

Whenever you’re photographing a scene that has horizontal lines in it (such as a landscape, [...]

crop into your subject

Don’t be afraid to crop into your subject. By leaving part of your subject out [...]

tilt your camera

Try tilting your camera, just oh so slightly, to the left or the right to [...]

family day!

February 18th – Ontario’s new Family Day!


Props do so much more than fill space, they tell a story. But more importantly [...]

shoot from a low angle

It’s really important to connect with the person you’re photographing. One of the easiest ways [...]

beautiful details

Get in close for some detail shots – honing in on some