cheese pie and fresh nuts


We rented a scooter and explored the island of Naxos. Lunched in Apiranthos; cheese pie, pork with tomato sauce, and spaghetti, from a cozy courtyard cafe. I now love cheese pie, and spinach pie too. Oh, and spinach and cheese pie. It might be the simplicity – layers of phyllo with cheese, I really need to start making this more at home.


{sign for the cafe, somehow at the time I could read the name on it}


{happy hour drinks with sparklers as we watched the sunset}

Like many European countries they always serve you a little snack when you order drinks, in this case a dish of mixed nuts. Never have I tasted fresher nuts in my life! These tasted as though they were harvested in the backyard and roasted that day! I need to find nuts like these here in Canada.

I also now have a new fondness for cheese; I might have to start making homemade mozzarella. Have you ever tried to? I hear you can order kits online.

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