Choosing Art for Above the Fireplace

Vanilla Dream - Winter Landscape Photography
Vanilla Dream - Winter Landscape Photography

All this wintery weather has me dreaming about fireplaces. I grew up with one that heated our whole house and there’s nothing like the kind of warmth that comes from burning wood, it sinks into my soul. I wish we had a spot in our house for one, because you know I love some warm hygge.

I asked some of my favourite designers and decor enthusiasts on Instagram what their favourite tips were for choosing art for above the fireplace.

Make the Artwork the Focal Point

Choosing Art for Above the Fireplace - Everso Design Co

“I love making the artwork above your hearth a focal point,” says Amanda Everson. “You can either lean it on the mantle like this one or hang it above, but make it big and make it your style”

It Doesn’t Need to Be a Mirror

Choosing Art for Above the Fireplace - Nicki the Decor Mama

Nicki wanted something large and simple. “I always had a mirror here and I needed a change. So I made sure I found a good size and I do love simple because of the other decor I have.”

Start with One Statement Piece

Choosing Art for Above the Fireplace - Farm Charm in a Track Home

Marci “starts with one statement piece and then builds around that” for a nice layered look.

Make Sure it’s Something You Love

Choosing Art for Above the Fireplace - Th Sommer Home

Kaari Sommer has tried and true advice, “Buy something you love and have it framed by a professional! For years I would buy inexpensive artwork that I ended up hating a short time after. This one I’ve had for 4+ years and still love it.”

“Also, make sure the scale is right. Nothing worse than a tiny piece of art above the fireplace in my opinion.”

Find a Piece that Speaks to You

Choosing Art for Above the Fireplace - Designs by Cori

Designs by Cori suggests, “Find a piece that speaks to you. Don’t over crowd the mantel and don’t be afraid to think outside the box!!”.

Invest in Art that’s Unique

Choosing Art for Above the Fireplace - Schedio Spaces

Jenalee at Shédio Spaces has a great tip about how high to hang art, “It’s all about placement and scale. My personal pet peeve is when people mount art or tv’s too high. The centre of the piece should be at face level when standing. No higher.”

“Otherwise I say invest in art that is unique and has a story. Learn about the artist so you can really enjoy it to its fullest extent.”

Choose Art that Flows with the Room

Choosing Art for Above the Fireplace - Brittney

It took Brittney Burket “Forever to settle on an art piece. I would say just to find something that flows with the entire room unless you’re wanting to make a huge statement. I wanted something very subtle that would add to the fireplace and not take away from it.”

Make Sure it’s the Right Scale

Choosing Art for Above the Fireplace - Adorned Homes

Katie Kurtz at Adorned Homes says to “Make sure it’s the right scale”.

“Mirrors are great if there are windows on the opposite side of the room and you want to bring in more light!”

Definitely Go with a Big Abstract

Choosing Art for Above the Fireplace - Mackenzie Laurino

“If you don’t have to put a TV over the mantel I would definitely go for a big abstract neutral piece, they’re my favorites!” said Mackenzie Lynch Laurino, and I agree! I vote for art above the fireplace, not a tv.

Have Fun with It

Choosing Art for Above the Fireplace - Tinselhouse Truckee Tahoe

Tinsel House Studio says to “Have fun with it. Remember that nothing is permanent in design. Art can even be switched out seasonally! Keep size in mind too. Nothing too small.”

There’s sooo many great tips here! For me, it’s all about the right size. Fireplaces typically have such a big swath of wall above them so you want to make sure you fill enough of it.

I love the idea of layering a few pieces together, maybe a horizontal image slightly overlapping a large vertical.

And lastly, choose a piece that speaks to you. Something that goes with the theme of your room, or makes you feel the way you want to feel.

Need some art for above your fireplace? Shop for landscapes for your modern farmhouse, calming beach photographs if you want to relax, abstracts if you like to daydream, flowers to add softness, or travel art to show off your love of far away places.

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