Choosing the Right Size for Large Art Prints

Amsterdam Photos by Jennifer Squires
Two large art prints in a dining room by Jennifer Squires

I’m really excited to be release my newest collection of beach photographs next week! It’s been a lot of work getting it together but I know you’re going to love them!

There will be 8 wonderfully relaxing images available in 5 sizes, framed or unframed.

In the meantime, let’s play a little game. Imagine this welcomes you home after a busy day…

Large art print above a bench in an entryway

Now imagine THIS is your living room…

Large art print in a living room

And when your day is finally over, you get to sleep in this bedroom…

Large art print above a bed

Seem like a dream?

Your home can be just like this when you learn the superpower of choosing which size art works for your space.

Having large art prints you love is such a wonderful thing, but here’s what makes it even more amazing:

When it looks like it was made for that exact spot.

That’s part of the beauty of collecting photography. It can be re-cropped and printed in the size you need.

Here’s the secret – measure the space you have and choose artwork with a finished size that’s 60-80% of the width.

So if you want to hang a large art print above your sofa, just measure the length of your couch, then calculate 60-80% of that number and that should be the width of your framed artwork.

Same goes for your bed.

Or your sideboard.

And your dresser too.

Remember, this will give you your finished width. So for a single large art print this includes the frame. If you’re hanging a collection that includes the full width of the arrangement, including frames and spacing.

But what if you want to hang your art on an accent wall? Or any wall without furniture?

Then just measure the width of the wall and do the same calculation. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.

And as far as height goes, I generally go with the same calculation for that too. Though it really doesn’t matter as much.

Was that a handy tip? Then download my free art size workbook that has these calculations and lots of wall decor inspiration.

Hanging art you love, that’s just the right size, can change your mood, make you more confident, and reignite your creativity. Surrounding ourselves with beauty is truly underrated.

Just check out what these collectors have to say…

“I custom ordered this for a large-scale piece in my bedroom, and it is has such a dramatic impact. At 60″ l x 48″ w, it really makes an impact and yet the colors and tones are very soothing. Highly recommend!”

~ Susan

“I pined after this tranquil and stunning photo for months, and I am thrilled.”

~ Allison

“This is a beautiful photograph! It is clear and crisp and invites you in. It captures the uniqueness of the Kettle rocks and creates a very Zen feel. We love it!”

~ Jane

My new beach photographs coming out this week will be available for a very special price for the first few days. Are you a member of my {free} Sneak Peek Society? If you are you’ll be getting an email as soon as the new collection is live. If not, you should sign up here so you don’t miss out.

Where’s your favourite spot to hang large art prints in your home? Or maybe you have a place you’ve always wanted to hang something? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

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