Colour Trends 2014 – Benjamin Moore

Colour Trends 2014, Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore has just announced their Colour Trends 2014, 23 colours that work well together and represent what they’re seeing in the home furnishing industry and schemes emerging in landscape design, the auto industry, fashion, and graphics.

Benjamin Moore’s Colour of the Year 2014

Breath of Fresh Air, Benjamin Moore
February Blues #3 {Colour Palette, L-R Breath of Fresh Air, Wolf Gray}

Breathe. Just breathe. Forget the phones, the screens, and the email. Take inspiration from comfort and simplicity. Take a leap and reinvent what you know. Take a moment to exhale.

Yes! Yes! Yes! That’s exactly where I find I am these days. Maybe it’s the rush of the holiday season, or maybe it’s the new reality of the business world, or maybe I just need to take a break, I don’t know but does that statement ever speak to me. I have a similar blue in my office and I find it to be really happy, especially with a white desk. It combines subtle hints of the sky and it’s infinite possibilities with a little flirt of girly blue.

Across the interwebs I’m seeing Breath of Fresh Air paired with Wolf Gray and it’s just gorgeous! It’s not one of the trend colours, but together I think they ought to be.

The Rest of Benjamin Moore’s 2014 Colour Palette

I love all the soft greys I’ve been seeing on walls for the past couple of years but I’m finding in our home we’re shifting to more of a fresh yet still in the neutral range blue-grey, with the exception of the studio, which I try to keep nice and neutral. Benjamin Moore’s palette is seeing tints of blues, greens, lavenders, and pinks so it’s obvious we’re not the only ones leaning this way.

Like we’ve done in the past we’ve paired some of their forecast colours with some of our photographs to give you some inspiration for how all of this can work for you.

Colour Trends 2014, Benjamin Moore
Inspired Care {Colour Palette, L-R White Dove, Palladian Blue, Caribbean Teal, Super Nova}
Colour Trends 2014, Benjamin Moore
Lake Ontario #6 {Colour Palette, L-R Fruit Shake, Iced Mauve, Breath of Fresh Air, Sparrow}
Colour Trends 2014, Benjamin Moore
Lake Huron #3 {Colour Palette, L-R Fruit Shake, Mt Rainier Gray, Normandy}
Colour Trends 2014, Benjamin Moore
Mystic Port {Colour Palette, L-R Breath of Fresh Air, Iced Mauve, Van Deusen Blue}

So what do you think? Are you in or out with Benjamin Moore’s colour trends? What are your favourite tones? Or combinations? Are you still smitten with more of a neutral grey on your walls?

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