Colours of 2014 – Sico

Colour Trends 2014, Sico
Colour Trends 2014, Sico
Swept {Colour Palette, L-R Palace of the Winds, Fiji Atoll, Brushed Steel}

A few weeks ago I introduced you to Benjamin Moore’s 2014 colour trends and now let’s take a peek at what Sico’s seeing in the world of colour…

Sico’s 2014-2015 paint colour trends are a mix of bold and subdued in a delicate balance between the pressures of life and our appreciation for art and the natural world.

Logical Perspective

Colour Trends 2014, Sico
Port Stanley #4 {Colour Palette, L-R Cupid’s Red, Albatross, Iron Rod}

These blues, greys, and pops of red can create a perfect place to clear our minds with thoughts of the ocean and the night sky. This is actually the way our living room is tending right now, warm browns, soft greys, and dark blue accents making a fresh space that’s easy to unwind in.

In Unison

Colour Trends 2014, Sico
May’s Glow {Colour Palette, L-R Mint Liquor, Tomato Peel, Frozen Tundra}

Beach meets spring in this collection filled with happiness and positivity. I can definitely see one of the light neutrals on the walls then adding pops of two or three of the brighter colours with accessories, art, or flowers. Even the reverse would work, one of the bright colours on a wall or two but fill the space with neutral furniture and decor.

Delicate yet robust, these colours partner well with natural wood, marble and steel finishes to add warmth, with a touch of retro coolness, to any room. ~ Sico

Modern Mosaic

Colour Trends 2014, Sico
Old Blue Door {Colour Palette, L-R Ithaca, Bloody Mary, Yin-yang}

A bold colour collection that will really make people step back and take notice of your space. Mix the more vibrant shades together for an eclectic, energized, retro-modern feel or use the softer tones for a room with a more vintage flair. Either way your space will end up with a stylishly handmade feel.

Conjuring up images of string, yarn, beading, weaving and embroidery, this multi-coloured grouping which pays tribute to handmade art, contains retro glam elements that breathe new life into home decor. ~ Sico

Now it’s your turn, what do you think? Do you like the Sico 2014-2015 paint colour trends? Or do your tastes lie more in the direction that Benjamin Moore is pointing? What’s your favourite palette?

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