day 2 of beach photography in grand bend

grand bend #2
grand bend #2
Grand Bend #2, modern beach photograph

Remember last fall I went out to photograph the Grand Bend shoreline only to discover that the snow fence had already been installed for the winter? Well last week I thought it would finally be safe to recapture that scene – this time fence-less.

grand bend weather forecast for may 26, 2010
The weather forecast looked great!

I got up nice and early (read 3:30 am), drove 71 km from home (which took about an hour and fifteen minutes), saw some beautiful fog along the way, and arrived just in time for sunrise.

5:52 am sunrise

map - london to grand bend, ontario

Things didn’t work out quite as planned; it turned out that a portion of the fence remained because they are trying to naturalize the area with new native plants (which look great by the way). I was still able to capture the image above of a lifeguard station and I’m quite pleased with it. There’s something about it that seems a little bit industrial and timeless, I envision a nice big 24 x 30 inch print of it hanging on a small, bare wall in a corporate office.

Grand Bend #2 stats

  • Grand Bend location scout, fall 2009
  • Grand Bend initial photography day, fall 2009
  • got up at 3:30 am on second shoot day
  • drove 143 km round trip on shoot day
  • 2.5 hours driving to and from Grand Bend + 1 hour spent actually capturing the photograph + 3 hours spent in production: processing raw file and retouching sand grains off the lens the inevitably land there while photographing on the beach (otherwise this photograph is presented “as shot” with no major digital enhancements) = total time not including the location scout and the initial shoot in the fall: 6.5 hours
  • 25 frames captured

You can now purchase my Grand Bend #2  beach photograph as an open edition print from our art shop.

I’m now on the hunt for a lake that has a nice long wooden dock, where have you seen one in Ontario?

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