December 2013 Calendar

December 2013 Calendar

December 2013 Calendar

We got our first dumping of snow on the weekend. We left London under blue skies and bare yards on Saturday morning only to return on Sunday afternoon to 14 inches of snow. We couldn’t even get into our driveway, we had to park the car at our neigbours house until Monday morning when we’d finally cleared out a path wide enough for the car to fit through.

So in honour of our first real pile of snow of the season I figured I’d dig out a winter tree photograph from our December calendar. Nice and festive don’t you think? You can download yours here:

[download id=”11397″] [download id=”11399″] [download id=”11401″]

You can see our whole archive of calendars here: Downloadable Desktop Calendars.

Complain as I might, it’s oh so beautiful out! Have you had your first snowfall yet? What did you do to celebrate? Make a snowman? Start a snowball fight? Go for a walk to admire the beauty? Or did you dive under a blanket with a good book?

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