Decor Blog Posts, Your Favourites in 2013


1. Hanging Pictures in a Stairway

On Monday we told you about our most popular photographs in 2013, now let’s take a quick stroll down memory lane and look at your favourite blog posts from last year, all of which seem to be centred around home decor.

16x20 photograph in a 20x24 frame

2. Hanging Photography – 16×20 Prints

How to hang pictures in a stairway

3. How to Hang Pictures in a Stairway Like Ikea

11x14 photograph in a 16x20 frame - Lake Ontario #6

4. Hanging Photography – 11×14 Prints

Colours of 2013 - Benjamin Moore - Coastal

5. Colours of 2013 – Benjamin Moore

What are your favourite blog posts? Our most popular ones involve framing and home decor, are those your favourites too? Would you like to see more decorating articles in the coming year?

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