Decorating with Green Home Decor Accents

Green Abstract Wall Art - Skyway

Green Abstract Wall Art - Skyway

With St Patrick’s day tomorrow and the first day of spring next week I can’t stop thinking about breathing new, happy vibes into our lives, and for this time of year that means decorating with green home decor accents.

I’m really digging the concept of swapping out our home decor seasonally. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to keep things fresh and on trend, which is an excellent way to keep me happy. Plus the whole creative process tugs at my soul.

First things first, let’s start off with some light and airy room inspiration with little touches of green:

One Kindesign – How fantastic are those tables?!
Oh Happy Day
Design Attractor
Hither & Thither

Clearly the quickest thing to do is bring in some pretty green plants to add a burst of spring freshness. I’m not sure if I can commit to that, though maybe I could just start collecting herbs that will eventually move out into the garden once the warm weather is here to stay. Plus there’s my forgotten shamrock tradition – I used to always buy a plant in time for St Patrick’s Day but it’s fallen by the wayside these past couple of years.

Aside from furniture like chairs and sofas, which we neither have room for nor the long term desire to have green furnishings, some of the easier accents I’ll be thinking about incorporating include:

  • throw pillows
  • a wreath for our door
  • art prints
  • pottery
  • bowls
  • green apples
  • limes
  • vases
  • books

So I took a look around online and here’s some green accents that could make a lovely addition:

Decorating with Green Home Decor Accents

1 – The Happiness Planner // 2 – Seaside Melody // 3 – Chalkboard Canister // 4 – Mimira Serving Bowl // 5 – Metallic Stripe Ceramic Vase // 6 – Skyway // 7 – Air Balloon Birdhouse // 8 – Tray Table // 9 – Fern Green Napkin // 10 – Ombre Teal Rug // 11 – The Falls // 12 – Alpaca Throw Blanket // 13 – Green Pot with Lid // 14 – White Rim Lacquer Tray // 15 – Sari Silk Pillow Cover

How are things in your decor world? Are you ready for some fresh green vibes? Or are you still happy cuddly into the warmth of winter layers? And if you’re looking for more color-themed inspiration be sure to check out Pink Living Room Accents, Yellow Kitchen Accents, and How to Choose Throw Pillows for your Sofa,