DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

Every year I get this idea in my head that it would be really fun to make a bunch of rustic, nature inspired Christmas decorations. There would be wine and sweets, music, pinecones, yarn, and ribbon as far as the eye cold see. The part that I never factor in is that we’re so busy this time of year that I really don’t have time for that. So if I had time to make decorations this year, these would be at the top of my list…

How sweet is this tree? Nestled onto the front porch and garnished with apples. So adorable.
And I do have that wicked birch log hanging around…
A simple boxwood wreath would be really pretty on a door or gate.
Got faux taxidermy? Then a scarf is a must.
Wouldn’t this twig star be super adorable hanging all around the house? On cupboard doorknobs, the Christmas tree, in a window…
I’ve always loved those table top feather trees but I still think it would be fun to make a rustic version from book pages.
Tomato cage trees are totally easy and would be nice to have a cluster of three different sizes in the front yard.

I have a weakness for pinecones…


For lots more ideas head over to my DIY Christmas Decoration Pinterest Board, and if I do actually end up whipping up any festive frivolities you’ll definitely hear about it on our Facebook page.

Will you be making decorations this year? I’d love to hear all about your plans in the comment section below!

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