Dorm Decor {aka DIY Art I Want to Make for Our Home}

DIY Art - Dip Dye Fabric

Ok so this post started off being some ideas for dorm decor and has rapidly turned into DIY art that I want to make for our home. Darren you better look out, our house is about to get all decked out…

Dorm Decor - Wall Decal

My friend Neil is super-talented and has been making wall decals for a few years now. His designs are simple and fun and a totally easy way to decorate a room. Decals are especially great in dorms or other rooms where you don’t want to damage the walls since they peel off without a trace. Definitely not something I want to try to make myself but I can totally picture myself mesmerized watching the vinyl emerge from the cutter, like pictures coming out of a printer. How amazing would it be to “wallpaper” an accent wall?

DIY Art - Twinkle Light Canvas

No dorm room is complete without twinkle lights. I’ve actually been stalking this glittering project for years, wouldn’t it be pretty addition to a dark corner? A throwback to the lite-brite from my childhood…

Oh, the whimsy

Dorm Decor - Sharpie Lamp

Sharpie doodle lamps, I so wish I could draw better.

DIY Art - Fabric Panels

My friend Sue made a similar, but framed, fabric panel for her kitchen and I think her’s was even easier. She bought a frame, took out the glass and wrapped the fabric around the backing.

DIY Art - Pixel Painting

I have visions of spending long winter afternoons making pixel paintings.

DIY Art - Dip Dye Fabric

I’m so super excited to make a giant dip dye piece for our living room! And I know this is something that Kate will be ALL OVER.

What are your favourite ways to make inexpensive art?

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  1. Melissa Goodman says:

    Look what I came across while clearing out my gmail! I sent a link to this post on Sept. 17, 2013 at 10am!! and this feels recent… <3 <3 <3 8*)

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