dreamin’ of sunshine and rainbows

{Farther Than the Eye Can See, Seascape Photograph}

Is anybody else done with winter? I can’t wait for spring flowers, warm sunshine, butterflies, and fresh veggies from the garden! I’m tired of winter hats and wool jackets, and that makes me extra excited about this week’s list:

Dreaming of Spring Vacation Destinations

  • Southern California
  • Arizona
  • Barbados
  • Hawaii
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Thailand, perhaps

Really, if their ain’t snow, I’m there. Please. Whisk me away tomorrow…

This week’s instalment of The List Love Book Club was quite well timed, especially given the half inch of snow we got on Sunday. When will this craziness end? Now it’s your turn, tell us all about your dream spring vacation destinations!

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