Earl Grey Tea and Campfires

My feet on a deck

List of the week: my favourite smells. The thing I love about any scent is that it can instantly transport me to a different time, place, and even ignite long forgotten memories – magic!

My Favourite Smells

  • play dough
  • fresh cut wood
  • fresh cut grass
  • clothes after they hang to dry in a cool breeze
  • campfire
  • baked goods
  • frying onions and garlic
  • lilacs
  • earl grey tea
  • strawberries, real strawberries, not fake that fake strawberry flavouring scent
  • peonies

I’m noticing a trend here. Almost all the items on the list are either a food, or something related to nature. Hmmm…

And that’s another edition of the List Love Book Club, I’d love to hear about your favourite smells in the comments section below.

Next week: Favourite Snacks – Now you’re talking my language!

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