everyday camera bags…

everyday camera bags

Small Stash Messenger by Stash, Mini City by Sinem Inugur, Shootsac by Jessica Claire

I’ve been stalking bags lately. I am not a handbag carrier so I find it quite difficult to actually buy a bag. I do agree that there are many cute and well designed bags out there: but I am afraid. I’m afraid that one day I’ll become one of those women with the huge totes that they can’t leave home without because it carries everything that they will ever need, you know, like a pair of socks, a crossword puzzle book, and concert tickets from three years ago.

I am trying to resist. But in an effort to take things up a notch I really do think it’s important to carry a camera with me wherever I go and my point and shoot just won’t fit in my pocket, and I refuse to get a cell phone just to take pictures.

What should I do?

3 thoughts on “everyday camera bags…

  1. sylvia says:

    Well, I don’t know how much this means coming from a girl who owns more satchels, purses, bags and totes than she needs, but here are my two cents.

    I’ve been ogling the Kelly Moore Bags (http://kellymoorebag.com/). While the women’s are lovely, I do actually prefer the simplicity of the men’s messenger-style leather bags. Ephiphanie Bags (www.epiphaniebags.com) are also popular, but not my style.

    Indecision meant that I spent three weeks wandering around Europe with a handbag. Lenses in lens pouches, inside cloth bags to keep them safe, camera slung over my shoulder and hanging into my bag, lens down, when I could be bothered to keep it out of sigh. I had a Tamrac backpack, but it’s not really useful for anything other than transport.

    • jennifer says:

      great suggestions sylvia! thanks for sharing! those certainly are some nice looking bags, but i’m looking for something smaller to carry a point and shoot camera in and a notebook.

  2. sylvia says:

    Gold star for not paying full attention – guess we all know where my head is 😉 I love the Stash bags, might have to consider one for the fall. I decided to downsize my huge bag and didn’t have a single camera on me last night during that spectacular sunset… sigh…. back to square one.

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