FAQ – Wall Art Prints

Let’s sit down and chat wall art prints, shall we? I know you’ve got questions about custom sizes and cropping and I hope to answer them all today. If I miss something then definitely leave a note in the comments section below.

Out of Stock Wall Art Prints - Blushing Bog

Out of Stock

Just because it’s gone, doesn’t mean it’s forgotten. I’ve recently started removing older or out of season images from my shop to try to keep things fresh but not overwhelming. But that doesn’t necessarily mean I can make prints of everything that’s no longer available. Sometimes I have a licensing agreement with an agency that keeps me from making prints, and other times it could be a sold out limited edition. But either way, if you’ve got your eye on something that’s no longer available, send me an email with the details and I’ll let you know what I can do.

Custom Size Wall Art Prints - Coyote in the Woods

Custom Sizes

You’ve got the perfect spot for a long skinny print, but you don’t see that exact size listed on my website. I feel you. I love custom orders. I love making them and I love having something made just for me. Send me the size and a link to the images you’d like and I’ll email you low resolution files to make sure you like the new look before shipping your wall art prints.

Vertical and Horizontal Wall Art Prints - Skyway

Verticals and Horizontals

You’re head over heels in love with an image, but the orientation doesn’t work where you want it to go. What’s a girl to do? Tell me all about it! Email your details and I’ll let you see exactly how my vertical image will look if it’s cropped horizontally. You may not be able to go as large, but sometimes flipping the script can make a mid-size piece fit beautifully in your home.

Large Wall Art Prints - Sandy

Large Wall Art Prints

You’ve got a spot above a bench that you know will go from humdrum to WOW with a nice big piece of art. So how big can we go? Pretty dang big.

For a print, 43 inches on the narrow side, and on and on for the long side… To maintain the same proportions you see in my shop consider 43 x 54 inches. You can always make a print seem a little larger by using a frame with a wide mat. Talk to your framer, or let me know and I can put together a rough mock up for you.

We can go a wee bit larger for a canvas, up to 54 x 67 inches, this time we’re constrained to 54 inches, but can go bigger on the long side if need be. But canvases over 20 x 30 inches can only ship within Canada and the USA.

Mounting and Framing

All prints ship unmounted, unmatted, and unframed, so you’ll have the maximum flexibility to match your decor by having your framer do the work. And it will save you the worry about the glass breaking during shipping.

That just about does it for this FAQ instalment. If there’s anything you’ve been wondering about, be sure to ask in the comments section below!


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